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    40% of the profit goes directly to CLE!

    Bundle A  $15

    1 lb bag of Brussel Sprouts; 2 lbs Carrots; 2 lbs Parsnips; 5 lbs Red Potatoes; 1 Butternut Squash; 1 Green Cabbage

    Bundle B $25

    200 grams Mushrooms; 2 lbs Carrots; 2 lbs Peppers (assorted colours); 3 lbs Anjou or Bartlet Pears; 5 lbs Yellow Potatoes; 5 lbs Gala Apples 


    The Hot Lunch Team is looking to fill the following positions. If you can help out (even once or twice a month), please email kgordon2@telus.net

    Kitchen Team Member (one day per week!)- We need an additional member of our kitchen team. This individual would work with the team to grocery shop and prepare the menu items made onsite ( soups, salads, veggie bags, etc). This person must have foodsafe level 1 (the PAC will pay for the course).  As well as providing any onsite prepared food for fundraising events. If this position is not filled, we will not be able to continue to provide as many homemade options on the HL menu or for school events.

    Set Up Coordinator - We are looking for an individual to set up the tables and fill the bins from 10-11:15 on Tuesdays.
    If parents are interested in either of these positions but prefer to commit to one or two days per month we can work with that as well.
    Hot Lunch Program Menu Planning and Ordering - We are looking for an individual to plan the menus and order the hot lunch menu items from the suppliers. This individual would also assist as required ordering food and menu planning for school events (dinner & movie, Carnival etc.).  This individual is not required to be at the school during Hot Lunch.