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    CLE is Gettin’ Fresh for Our Latest Fundraiser!

     We are really excited to launch our newest CLE fundraiser, ‘FRESH TO YOU’!  This is a new fundraising platform developed by Healthy Families BC and The BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation.  

     Featuring a choice of either small or large bundle of fresh BC fruits and veggies at an awesome price, Fresh to You is a great way to promote healthy food choices and all proceeds are going to our CLE School Garden Project!  

     Order forms will be coming home with students on Tuesday, Feb. 17.  Electronic orders will also be available on the Hot Lunch website.  

     Please encourage your children to sell as many bundles as possible, asking friends, family, neighbors, coaches, etc!  Be sure to take ALL payments at the time of order, as the order will not be filled if payment isn’t received by March 4th.

     Deliveries will be scheduled between Apr 28 – May 14.  We will keep you posted as to exact date.

     Check out …  BEETSHEET … great ideas for your beets!!!      As always, thanks for your support! 

    Bundle A (5 lbs Red Potatoes, 3 lbs Onions, 5 lbs Beets, 284g Grape Tomatoes) = $15

    Bundle B (5 lbs Red Potatoes, 3 lbs Onions, 5 lbs Beets, 284g Grape Tomatoes, 2 lbs Peppers, Hot House Butter Luttuce) = $25



    We are always looking for volunteers, please take a moment to see if you can help out with any of the following!

    Hot Lunch Volunteers:   We need 19 Volunteers for each hot lunch in order to be able to offer hot lunch. Please go to the volunteer link to register.   Time required is limited (about an hour!) and it’s a great way to meet other parents!  :)    Additional parents are always welcome!!!

    The Hot Lunch Team is  looking to fill the following positions:

    Kitchen Team (this position could easily be shared by two people on a weekly rotation or by day of the week!)- we need someone to shadow Lynda/Ebru this year and assume a lead role in the kitchen for next year. This individual would be responsible for grocery shopping for and preparing the menu items made onsite (soups, salads, veggie bags, etc). This person must have foodsafe level 1 (the PAC will pay for the course).  As well as providing any onsite prepared food for fundraising events. If this position is not filled, we will not be able to continue to provide as many homemade options on the HL menu or for school events.

    Hot Dog Chef- we need a new hot dog chef to cook the hot dogs for HL once per month from 10:30-12. This person must have foodsafe level 1 (the PAC will pay for the course).