Hot Lunch Volunteers:   We need 19 Volunteers for each hot lunch in order to be able to offer hot lunch. Please go to the volunteer link to register.   Time required is limited (about an hour!) and it’s a great way to meet other parents!  :)    Additional parents are always welcome!!!

    Hot Lunch Volunteer Procedures

    The Hot Lunch Team is  looking to fill the following positions:

    Kitchen Team Lead- we need someone to shadow Lynda this year and assume the lead role in the kitchen for next year.This individual would be responsible for grocery shopping for and preparing the menu items made onsite ( soups, salads, veggie bags, etc). This person must have foodsafe level 1 (the PAC will pay for the course).  As well as providing any onsite prepared food for fundraising events. If this position is not filled, we will not be able to continue to provide as many homemade options on the HL menu or for school events.

    We need one person to assist with set up on Tuesday’s (I believe we have Jolene on Thursdays this year).  This person will need to be available to set up the tables and fill the bins for HL delivery from 10:30-12.

    Hot Dog Chef- we need a new hot dog chef to cook the hot dogs for HL once per month from 10:30-12. This person must have foodsafe level 1 (the PAC will pay for the course).

    Please contact us  if you are interested!